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Yumsters! (Android) app for $0.99

Introducing Yumsters! Cleaner than a puppy and with more personality than a goldfish, settle them into your phone and embark on an epic journey around the world. These adorable, boredom-killing creatures dwell in holes in the ground and possess an insatiable appetite. They are ravenously crazy about fruit, and they can't get enough of it. They each have the potential to be champions in the world fruit-eating cup! This global fruit-munching contest awaits the hungriest team of Yumsters, and it's your job to gather the most righteous eaters from different countries and create the winning team. Be advised, Yumsters can only eat fruit of a matching color.+

Deal Posted at 07/17/2013
Yumsters! (Android) app
$1.99 $0.99   


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