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Who Is The Killer - Episode II (Android) app for FREE

Welcome to the much anticipated Second Episode, it won't be possible not to release it after success of the first part. In order to rate the game and decide whether buy it or not, please play the First Episode (write in search line «Who Is The Killer»). First Episode is free, unlimited and contains no advertising. Description of Episode II in comparison with the first part: -The plot is more complicated. Everything is not so obvious now. -Some parallel stories, but only one will lead to the killer. -Pictures from the scene, can be studied with a magnifying glass. This is not a standard game "find the hidden object", each piece of evidence is important for further investigation. -The main game with words is changed, because many players found it boring. - Two beautiful melodies and the rain outside, reinforce oppressive atmosphere.+

Deal Posted at 11/27/2012
Who Is The Killer - Episode II (Android) app
$2.99 FREE   


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