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Spensa Pro (Android) app for $2.49

Spensa Pro is an easy-to-use Android app designed to keep track of all your daily expenses. Here are its major features: - Accounts and Subaccounts: Different types of accounts, including a cash account, checking account, credit card account, and debit account. - Generate your own bank statements. See them on your phone and print them out. - Budget Manager: You can create your budget with any combination of groups and/or categories, accounts, and/or sub-accounts. It's flexible and easy to configure. - You can create your own projects with a budget and give them individual titles (such as "Trip to Japan" or "Samantha's Wedding"). - Customizable categories by groups. It's easy to edit, add, or delete any group or category. - Graph bars by categories and/or groups. - Monthly reports for all accounts, with easy filtering functions so you can see only what you want. - Different currencies for different accounts - Easy way to add repetitive transactions as weekly/monthly/yearly bills, with customizable alarms and reminders. - Take a photo of your receipt or bill and keep an electronic copy in your phone. - Lock the app with a password. - Rearrange the order of the accounts according to your own preference+

Deal Posted at 05/11/2013
Spensa Pro (Android) app
$7.99 $2.49   


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