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RD3 - Groovebox (Android) app for $1.99

Create your own music with RD3 - Groovebox. The sounds are legendary, from the early stylings of Afrika Bambaataa to the modern day minimalist classics of today. As the Hello Nasty-era Beastie Boy MCA once stated, "Nothing sounds quite like an 8-0-8". It is an easy to use, high quality audio app with a 303-style synthesizer and a drum machine with eight different drum kits. With the integrated step sequencer you can program your own grooves on the go. Recreate the sound of early electronic music with these essential instruments. RD3 - Groovebox features four patterns per instrument.++

Deal Posted at 04/29/2012
RD3 - Groovebox (Android) app
$2.99 $1.99   


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