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Protaskinote (iPad) app for $0.99

Don't type your tasks, hand write them and get more done!  Don't let procrastination take a toll on your success and happiness. Get it done by handwriting your tasks, thoughts and ideas - and start making them happen.

In fact, a recent study found that people who write down their tasks (goals) are 33% more likely to achieve them. Not just that, writing tasks/todos, thoughts and ideas down helps you recall them, engages the brain and focuses your subconscious on the success and it immediately begins to create that reality.

It has also been proven that writing IS in fact important for brain development and cognition, helping you hone fine motor skills and to express and generate ideas.++

Deal Posted at 06/16/2012
Protaskinote (iPad) app
$2.99 $0.99   


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