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Pocket Camera PRO (iOS) app for FREE

Pocket Camera PRO - One of the Best Camera App. With 11 polished features to help you take great photos! Features: ◦ Beautiful UI ◦ Designed for usability and ease of control! ◦ Hold your iPhone like holding any pocket camera! ◦ Status bar and control pane for knowing and controlling your camera easily! ◦ 6X digital zoom, in real time ◦ With the unique Zoom Knob design, zooming has never been easier! ◦ Clear and sharp images guaranteed! Say goodbye to blurry photos! ◦ Many pictures taken can be blurry due to the camera is slightly shaking after you press the shutter. With our build in anti-shaking feature, your picture is captured when your hand is steady. ◦ Say goodbye to crooked photos, compose and align images with grid lines ◦ Use Rule-of-Third and two other grid line styles to compose images like a pro.+

Deal Posted at 08/21/2013
Pocket Camera PRO (iOS) app
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