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Open Sea! - Go Down Mo! (Android) app for FREE

Mo works as a prophetic leader in Pharao's Egypt. He urges the people to flee accross the foot. Touch the sea to part it open, swipe and shake your smartphone to close the waves, and tap the screen to strike lightning bolts.

Journey through the entire country to the promised land. Lead wacky people: panicked girls, sleepy sloths, slower elders, zigzagging drunkards, and dumbs who turn back. Repel evil ships, and shock mummies and wicked wizards!

Your adventure will let you cross heroes' path, who will join the people and help them with miracles: Jess, who allows people to walk on water; Abe, the Lovers, or El, whose miracle will allow you to turn villains back to ashes! And last but not least, take control of the legendary Nono's Ark.+

Deal Posted at 06/26/2013
Open Sea! - Go Down Mo! (Android) app
$1.99 FREE   


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