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Notepad With Auto Voice Recorder And Camera (iOS) app for $1.99

In addition to a full Notepad functionality, record note with real time mark being inserted while recording can help you locate the right audio clips effectively, silence-free(10 seconds redundancy) auto recorder is more suitable for long time recording. Photo features with gesture zoom/slideshow/import/export/email/album/photo taken within this app can help you record the real scene vividly, save your time. All of these text notes,recorded sound and photos are combined into a HTML file (mmNotepad.htm), and they can be downloaded easily via iTunes file sharing function so that you can browse on your computer as well . Text notes and photos can be exported via eMail separately at any time.

Deal Posted at 02/15/2012
Notepad With Auto Voice Recorder And Camera (iOS) app
$2.99 $1.99   


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