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Jump Out! (iOS) app for FREE

The bugs! The bugs are breaking out! Those crazy bugs have had enough, and now they want their freedom. Help them break out! Jump Out – it's not just a game, it's a life-saving service! Bugs – innocent little creatures that harm no one and mind their own business. So why did those strange men at the research labs capture loads of the poor things and trap them in a variety of old cartons, cases, computers and crates? Now you've got to help them escape! Use your iPhone to help many different bugs with unique abilities – including the charming beetle, high-jumping cricket, feeble shrimp, tough snail and many more – by flicking, spinning and bouncing them around a wide variety of trap-filled boxes, spread over several distinct environments.+

Deal Posted at 08/27/2013
Jump Out! (iOS) app
$1.99 FREE   


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