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F-Stop Media Gallery Key (Android) app for $2.49

Unlock Key/ License that removes the ads and unlocks certain features from the free version of the F-Stop Media Gallery application. The free version must be installed with this app. The free version just checks to see that this key is installed and then removes the ads and unlocks certain features. UNLOCKED FEATURES: * NESTED ALBUMS - This is a very powerful feature that allows the creation of albums inside of albums (similar to the folder structure on your computer). These albums can be regular or smart albums and significantly enhances media organization. * SELECT START-UP SCREEN - Just as the title implies, this feature allows you to select the start-up screen such as Folders, Albums, Tags, Ratings, etc. * WRITE METADATA - Liberate your data from the internal library. Embed your tags and ratings directly into your JPG images and/or write sidecar files for all other supported file types. We write the metadata using the XMP standard so it can be read by popular applications such as Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, and Windows Live Photo Gallery. * NESTED FOLDERS - Browse your media by the folder structure on your device. Very convenient if you organize your media by folders. * SMART ALBUMS - Additional smart album conditions: Number of Tags, Orientation, Media Type, Extension, File Name and Size.+

Deal Posted at 07/25/2013
F-Stop Media Gallery Key (Android) app
$4.99 $2.49   


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