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ConsoleCam (iOS) app for FREE

Give your photos a retro game look! Do you ever pine for the nostalgic aesthetics from your old Apple IIe, Nintendo Gameboy or Sega Genesis? Want to see the world as if pixellated through your Commodore 64 or Atari 2600? ConsoleCam is for you! ConsoleCam lets you see your photos as they would look on over 90 vintage consoles and computers with hundreds of variations. See what your puppy would look like on a ColecoVision, or your friend's face on a Macintosh 128k, then easily share or save the results. ConsoleCam faithfully converts your pictures into retro images accurate for the selected console. Want even more authenticity? ConsoleCam will even format the created image using the console’s original resolution and aspect ratio.++

Deal Posted at 07/28/2013
ConsoleCam (iOS) app
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