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Cargo Chaos (Android) app for $0.99

It’s hijinks on the high seas; load up, set sail and bring your cargo safely to port. Use your spatial reasoning and quick reflexes in this 2D action puzzle game. Can you achieve a perfect score on all 30 levels? As a port manager with a sudden onset of telekinetic powers and an equally sudden exodus of dock workers, it’s up to you to load the boats and make sure the cargo reaches its destination intact. Your cargo is as unpredictable as it is unsecured. Organize the load to make it as stable as you can then throw health and safety overboard as you sail international waters. Battle high seas, rough weather and creatures from the deep to keep your dangerous and precious cargo from sinking into the ocean depths.+

Deal Posted at 08/14/2013
Cargo Chaos (Android) app
$1.99 $0.99   


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