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B210K Pro (Android) app for $0.99

B210K Pro is based on the Couch to 5k in nine weeks running program (C25K), designed to get almost anyone in just nine weeks from the couch to running five kilometers in 30 minutes.

The C25K running plan from Cool Running has been a great way to get someone who's never run before to become a 5K runner in nine weeks, and B210K bridges the program to 10k. It alternates running and walking, slowly getting the body used to distance running. It times your workout, letting you know, through audio clips, when it's time to switch your pace while listening to the music or podcasts of your choice. For example, switch pace from walking to running, or from running to cooling down.

Deal Posted at 05/08/2012
B210K Pro (Android) app
$1.99 $0.99   


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